Are Your Stories Serving or Stalling You and Your Future?

We all have stories, stories we tell ourselves and stories we tell others. Stories are one of the ways we categorize and remember the important and influential moments of our lives. Our stories are very revealing, giving ourselves and others powerful information about who we are and how our experiences have shaped us. Our stories can also predict and create the future. When we tell stories of ourselves overcoming adversity, we might also be predicting how we will handle such circumstances in the future. Seeing ourselves as having the ability to successfully overcome adversity makes it much more likely that we will keep trying until we do actually overcome whatever adversity we’re facing.

But what about the stories we tell ourselves that aren’t so favorable and don’t help us create the future in the way that is affirming and motivating? What is the best way to handle those stories so they don’t paralyze or defeat us?

Please join us on March 27th for the March Women’s Leadership Roundtable to share your stories and find out how others are using theirs. Participate in the sharing of warmth, wit and wisdom and leave with some new ideas for editing the stories of your life.

Please note: This is a “brown bag” event, and it is recommended that participants bring their lunch to eat during the roundtable. We’ll also have beverages and snacks to share. The Women’s Leadership Roundtable is a facilitated open forum for women, as leaders of themselves and others, to discuss relevant issues, build community and network, collaborate with, learn from, and support one another. It provides an opportunity for women to share their experiences, engage in thought-provoking discussion, and to generate ideas and growth together. The roundtable is an ongoing event, open to the public, held on the 3rd Friday of the month from January through October in a Denver area location. You are encouraged to attend as frequently as possible and bring your ideas, issues, and interests to the discussion. There is a $10 charge for the roundtable, paid in advance when registering online, and a $12 charge when paid at the door. A discounted rate is available for those wishing to register for an entire year of roundtables. For additional information contact Karen McGee at 303 503-9681.


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