Body of Success: Using Powerful Body Language to Influence Positive Outcomes
Our non-verbal communication or body language has more influence on how we are perceived by others than any other communication mechanism. Body language is interpreted at lightning speed, well before the logical brain is able to catch up. When our body language is powerful and well-aligned with our voices and words, others see us as more competent and capable. Even better, using powerful body language changes how we feel about ourselves and influences positive outcomes. In this presentation/workshop, participants will learn to use non-verbal communication techniques to build confidence and credibility.  Participants will leave with additional body language tools and practices for achieving successful outcomes.

Build a Foundation of Trust
All businesses require a foundation of trust in order to function effectively. Even though trust is an essential element for successful performance, especially within work groups and teams, it is rarely addressed in an open and constructive way. In this presentation/workshop participants will learn how to build, maintain or restore eroded trust within an easily applied framework for assessing trust. When awareness is elevated and it is possible to have conversations about trust, the level of trust increases immediately. When the level of trust in an organization or team is high, the environment is much more conducive to collaboration, innovation, and the increased engagement that leads to achieving measurably improved outcomes.

The Power of “No” for Managing Commitment (and Setting Boundaries)
Learning how to say “NO” effectively is a mandatory skill in the workplace. A reluctance to say “NO” can result in failure to deliver on promises and erode trust in the workplace, jeopardizing career advancement, compensation, and job satisfaction. This presentation provides participants with essential tools and practices for using the power of “NO” at work and beyond.