W orking with Karen really helped direct me to find my way.  She didn’t counsel me, or tell me right from wrong, but through various exercises and lots of listening, she guided me to reach within and learn more about me.  I met Karen when I was at a point in life that I felt lost and confused with my career and relationships.  After our sessions, I left feeling alive and driven to accomplish the next best thing for myself.  Since meeting Karen, I have found a new direction in my career, taken initiative in having difficult conversations with co-workers or family members, and discovered more confidence in my direction in life!  Thanks Karen, I really appreciate all your support! —  Kendra S.

I thought life coaching meant career development or therapy…I started with Karen as my “life coach” not knowing…after “working” with her several months, I began to learn exactly what life coaching was…it is, with guidance, learning about yourself…good things and difficult things.  Things I never even knew about myself.   She didn’t tell me what was wrong; she didn’t tell me how to fix things…she gently guided me to myself and I discovered all sorts of things about myself.  I picked out things I wanted to work on and she gave me the tools to get there that would work for me.  It was challenging and uncomfortable at times…she said, “growing can be challenging-are you up for it?  Are you up for the journey?”  I was and am…it ‘s a journey.   I feel so different…more connected, more in touch.  I understand why I feel the way I do.  I am working on a couple of challenging places for me and I have the tools and insight to do that…I took a break from coaching for a while-that gave me time to research a bit more on all of this and work with the things I have learned.  The results have been so huge for me…I am ready to discover more… — Deb Durand

After suffering much loss over the past few years and losing my sense of direction for my life, I was able to see clearly the passion and purpose for my life with Karen’s help. Her guidance using ontology [ontological coaching] helped me approach various challenges from a different perspective and continues to empower and elevate my being to a healthier space. I will seek Karen’s expertise and experience every time the need beckons.  Saved from myself. — Dorothy R.

I highly recommend Karen as a coach.  She is supportive, loving and kind. Her skill at noticing parts of me that want a voice has been a tremendous help to me. With her help, I have been able to open up and take opportunities in my life that I did not know were possible. I would recommend Karen to anyone who would like to have support while facilitating sustainable change. –Beth S.

Karen helped me explore new possibilities and ways to see the situations I was facing. Through her coaching, I learned more about myself and about how to deal with some tough career decisions. I was able to change my perspective and open up some new avenues of thinking and acting. –Jennifer H.