Rising Above Bullying: How Can We Do It and Make it Stick?

Bullying behaviors are on the rise. And though these behaviors should be universally reviled, that isn’t what always happens. When people see these behaviors modeled by those in high profile positions and extensively covered by the media, the result can be social influence favoring this behavior. Young people are especially influenced by behaviors modeled by people in positions of authority but they aren’t the only ones influenced by such behavior. The uptick in bullying is harmful in all settings and should be raising alarms, prompting us to take action to reverse the trend.

So, when there is social influence favoring bullying behaviors, what can we do in response? We certainly must do more than stand idly by, bemoaning the current state of affairs and hoping things will improve on their own. What are our priorities for addressing bullying as individuals and in the organizational settings in which we operate?

Please join us on August 25th to discuss the issues surrounding bullying and what we can do about them. Take this opportunity to share your experiences, wisdom, and ideas. Let’s work on strategies and solutions we can implement when we witness or experience bullying in our own lives.

Please note: This is a “brown bag” event and it is recommended that participants bring their lunch to eat during the roundtable. We’ll also have beverages and popcorn or other snacks to share.

About the Roundtable: The Women’s Leadership Roundtable is a facilitated open forum for women, as leaders of themselves and others, to discuss relevant issues, build community and network, collaborate with, learn from, and support one another. It provides an opportunity for women to be heard, share their experiences, engage in thought-provoking discussion, and to generate ideas and growth together. The roundtable is an ongoing event, open to the public, held on the last Friday of every other month from January through September in a Denver area location. You are encouraged to attend as frequently as possible and bring your ideas, issues, and interests to the discussion. There is a $10 charge for the roundtable, paid in advance when registering online, and a $12 charge when paid at the door. For additional information, contact Karen McGee at 303-503-9681.



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