Women Bullying and Sabotaging Other Women In the Workplace: Why Does It Happen and What Should We Do About It?

Although we would like to believe that having more women in the workplace and in leadership positions will lead to a kinder, gentler environment, the reality is that woman-on-woman harassment is on the rise.

According to a 2010 survey by Workplace Bullying Institute, female bullies more frequently engaged in under-the-radar behaviors such as sabotage and abuse of authority while more men than women engaged in the easier to observe verbal abuse. The term “queen bee syndrome” was coined in the 1970’s to describe women who achieved success in male-dominated environments and were at times likely to oppose the rise of other women. Unfortunately, many variations of negatively competitive behaviors by women against other women, including bullying and harassment are still common and increasing.

Why does this occur and what can we do about it? How can we minimize or eliminate these negative behaviors and replace them with more productive and supportive ones?

Please join us on September 20th to explore this topic more thoroughly and to identify possible solutions and strategies for dealing with, limiting, and eventually eradicating workplace bullying, sabotage, and harassment of women by women.


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