What Can Practicing Mindfulness Do For You?

With its origins in ancient Buddhist meditation practices, mindfulness has been practiced for a very long time – about 2500 years. Mindfulness techniques have traditionally been employed for spiritual development, to strengthen concentration, to unlock human potential, and to achieve a state of inner peace. Over the last 35 years, mindfulness has been extensively researched by scientists so the medical, physical, and psychological benefits have been well established. In recent years, mindfulness has become more mainstream and has been useful in helping to treat a number of conditions such as stress, chronic pain, heart disease, anxiety, sleep problems, and depression.

So, what exactly is mindfulness? According to Jon Kabat-Zinn, developer of the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine, “Mindfulness is awareness, from moment to moment, on purpose, without judgement.” Such a simple definition and yet it says so much. It says mindfulness is about being in the present moment rather than in the past or future. Awareness is about being awake and engaged, yet detached, about being active, yet calm, and about moving and yet being still too. On purpose is about intentionality – choosing and acting consciously instead of reacting automatically. And, being without judgment is about expanding one’s capacity for both self-acceptance and acceptance of others. When we practice mindfulness, we are engaging in a powerful biologic process that enhances neuroplasticity and growth in key areas in the brain, promotes health and well-being, and builds a foundation for resilience and flexibility.

If you’ve been practicing mindfulness or mindful meditation, what have you discovered and how has it worked for you? If you haven’t yet tried mindfulness-based practices, how might you benefit and in what ways can you integrate these practices into your life?

Please join us on August 28th for an engaging discussion on mindfulness and its role in our increasingly distracting lives.

Please note: This is a “brown bag” event, and it is recommended that participants bring their lunch to eat during the roundtable. We’ll also have beverages and snacks to share. The Women’s Leadership Roundtable is a facilitated open forum for women, as leaders of themselves and others, to discuss relevant issues, build community and network, collaborate with, learn from, and support one another. It provides an opportunity for women to share their experiences, engage in thought-provoking discussion, and to generate ideas and growth together. The roundtable is an ongoing event, open to the public, held on the 3rd Friday of the month from January through October in a Denver area location. You are encouraged to attend as frequently as possible and bring your ideas, issues, and interests to the discussion. There is a $10 charge for the roundtable, paid in advance when registering online, and a $12 charge when paid at the door. A discounted rate is available for those wishing to register for an entire year of roundtables. For additional information contact Karen McGee at 303 503-9681.


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