Building and Rebuilding Trust at Work

Business is conducted through relationships and trust is the underpinning for effective and productive relationships, making it a critical element for business success. Despite the economic necessity of having trust in the workplace, the reality is that lack of trust is much more common. The Deming Center for Quality Management reports that at least 50% of wasted time in the business environment is due to lack of trust so clearly the economic impact of mistrust in the workplace is profound. And yet, despite how often trust is listed as a key organizational value, it is rarely discussed in an open and productive manner. And, it may be even rarer still for managers and leaders to receive specific training around trust.

Please join us for the Women’s Leadership Roundtable to discuss and share your ideas and experiences around trust or the lack of it in the workplace.
Date and Time: June 21th, 2013, 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM
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The Women’s Leadership Roundtable is an open forum for women, as leaders of themselves and others, to discuss relevant issues, build community and network, collaborate with, learn from, and support one another. It provides an opportunity for women to engage in thought-provoking discussion with other women and for their views and input to be heard.

Post your comments below:
What are your beliefs about trust?
How do you evaluate trust in others?
What methods are most effective for building, maintaining or rebuilding lost trust?
What are the leadership behaviors that build trust and what are the ones that erode trust?


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