Making the Most of Conflict: A Key Component of Leadership Effectiveness

If you are afraid of conflict and would prefer to avoid it, you’re not alone.

The word “conflict” tends to evoke negative associations from people and yet, conflict is a normal and natural part of any workplace or situation where people interact with one another to accomplish individual and organizational goals.

According to a survey by the American Management Association, managers spend at least 24% of their time managing conflict. In addition to the value of making the best use of such a large percent of management time, addressing conflict in a healthy and productive manner has been identified as a key component of leadership effectiveness. A pattern of avoidance or the inability to successfully manage conflict can derail a promising leader’s career. There are substantial business and organizational benefits when individuals and teams are able to manage conflict in a productive way.

Because leadership and conflict go hand in hand, the ability to recognize, understand, and deal effectively with conflict are capabilities a leader can’t afford to neglect. Please join us on March 21st for an engaging discussion on making the most of conflict. We’ll share ideas and strategies for effective conflict resolution and identify ways to turn the inevitable workplace or organizational conflicts into welcomed opportunities.



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