When to Lean In and When to Lean Back: How Women Leaders Balance Priorities

In our culture, where work and life tend to be separate, distinct, and compartmentalized, how do we reconcile the yearning for a sense of true balance, enduring happiness, and full aliveness in all aspects of our lives?

Is the concept of “work-life balance” perhaps an idea whose time has gone?

In the article, “R.I.P. Work-Life Balance,” author and leadership coach Kristi Hedges posits that, “Although plenty is still being written and theorized about work-life balance, the conversation is beginning to shift toward concepts such as energy management, resiliency and flexibility.”

In this Women’s Leadership Roundtable discussion, we will expand on last month’s “Lean-In” topic by exploring the question of how we, as women leaders, balance multiple priorities through “leaning back” and honoring the need to recharge our batteries. We will focus on how we manage our personal and professional priorities with self-care, as we work to build and sustain a powerful leadership presence.

by Suzanne Mariner


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