About Suzanne

Suzanne MarinerSuzanne Mariner, Certified Executive and Life Coach, asks you to think about the following questions: Have you ever questioned yourself, your abilities, or your direction in life? Have you ever asked yourself why your actions seldom seem to lead to the results you desire, despite your best intentions and efforts?

Over the course of your coaching journey, you will engage in the process of discerning and being the person you need to be in order to powerfully create the life of your dreams. Suzanne’s role in this journey of transformation is to partner with you in connecting to your passion, clarifying your vision, and moving beyond your existing comfort zone. With this support, you can begin to take insightful action that is in alignment with your deepest values.

Suzanne has come to recognize and honor the body and the emotions as significant domains of learning. Our bodies and emotions can be a profound source of information and guidance for the changes that we need to make in our lives. It is often through our symptoms, moods, and the language of the body that the direction for our work together emerges, inviting lasting change – from the inside out.

Whether you are seeking to gain clarity around your life’s work, change unworkable habits and behavior patterns, or are in need of guidance and support through a challenging life passage, Suzanne’s coaching can provide the techniques, tools, and processes to help you successfully move forward.

To find out more about working with Suzanne, please call 303.910.9534 or email: integralhealth@solucian.com